Do’s and Don’ts for healthy leg veins


  • Walk regularly as steady walking helps the return of blood from leg veins. Ideally, you should walk 30 minutes daily for that purpose.
  • Take regular breaks if you tend to sit for long hours e.g. at work. By stretching and working your calf muscles and feet at regular intervals your help of venous blood back to the heart.
  • As a general rule drink plenty of fluids as hydration improves the circulation in the legs.
  • Wear compression stockings- if not medically contraindicated- especially for long haul travel or standing for long hours as they have been proven to help the return of venous blood. Use travel socks as an alternative if applicable.


  • Avoid standing in one position for long periods of time. If you have to stand for long at least, you can march in place from time to time to help pumping the venous blood out of the legs.
  • Avoid wearing high heels as much as possible as they can interfere with the calf muscle action that helps the return of venous blood from the legs while walking.
  • There has been a lot of debate about the effect (or otherwise) of crossing the legs on the leg veins. In general, it would be reasonable to say that sitting with crossed legs for extended periods of time does not help the inner calf veins to function properly especially for people who are susceptible to develop varicosities of these veins.
  • Smoking as it has toxic effects on the body tissues including leg veins.