Doppler Ultrasound Scan (DUS)

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What is Doppler Ultrasound Scan (DUS)?

Almost all patients who require treatment for varicose veins will require a Doppler ultrasound scan prior to contemplating the treatment plan. The technology and physics involved utilises the emission of high-speed sound waves and “listens” to the returning sound waves, incorporating them as an image, which reflects the appearance, size and distance of the structures studied in veins. This is the basis of what is called 2D grey scale Doppler. Modern ultrasound machines also are able to analyse the direction of flow of blood within the vein being studied and the amount of flow. This is achieved by using certain functions called colour and spectral Dopplers.

At Bondi Vein Clinic, our patients are assessed thoroughly using the Doppler ultrasound, examining the superficial venous system in detail, highlighting the incompetent (refluxing) veins as part of the management of the patient. That is the basis for the individualised treatment plan for each patient. The result is called superficial venous map which represents a “road map” for an individual patient’s successful treatment.

In addition, we use ultrasound to examine the deep venous system for patency and flow i.e. reflux as indicated before or after treatment.

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